"Rock and roll is simply an attitude. You
don't have to play the greatest guitar."
- Johnny Thunders
Utilizing a vast reference library and 30 years of experience and
research, Black Rabbit Instruments can appraise your instrument
based on condition and current market trends.  Most music shops
and antique dealers do not have the experience or resources to
appraise vintage or exotic electric instruments accurately.  We
specialize in offbeat American, European and Japanese
instruments of the '60s and '70s, particularly electric basses, and
can help you  to make informed decisions about your vintage
instrument.  We particularly enjoy the restoration of instruments to
their original parts and playability.
Black Rabbit Instruments is primarily a private collection. We
usually have a limited number of items for sale at any given
time, but feel free to inquire about anything you see on this site.
We are always interested in hearing about items that we might
want to add to our collection. Please click the "WANTED" link
at left for specific items we are seeking.
The gallery is regularly being expanded as time
allows. In addition to some sale items, instruments
are shown for primarily reference purposes and
the interest of other collectors and enthusiasts.
Most instruments shown were chosen based upon
rarity, exotic or innovative design features and
aesthetics.  Most date from the late '60s and early
'70s, and a few are newer instruments no longer in
production or not available with the same features.
All instruments are played; the idea that
instruments are better preserved by not being
played (carefully of course) misses the point.  We
are gradually adding more photos and
descriptions,but feel free to email with questions.
A word about the photos:
All photos of instruments in the Gallery are property
of Black Rabbit Instruments. Please do not reuse
these photos elsewhere without express permission.
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Bass Guitars
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