A few of the more unusual items that have passed through our hands.
Shown for reference and enjoyment only.
model 5902
circa 1964

Circa 1991
Rickenbacker Transonic 200 Head
Circa 1969, 350 watts (150-200 actual,) transistor.  
Built-in tremolo, reverb, Fuzz-tortion (!) and
voicing filters (Deep, Hollow and Mellow.) Two
channels, lots of knobs, switches, lights, etc.  Very
rare indeed.  As used by Jeff Beck, Steppenwolf,
Led Zeppelin '69 U.S. tour, Tom Petersson of
Cheap Trick. Only a few hundred were ever made
and this is perhaps one of the first 20 according to
Robert Rissi, the original designer of the Transonic
amplifier line. I had this amplifier restored by
Robert Rissi himself.  One of the coolest transistor
amps ever made; with lots of power and tonal
options, this amp worked very well for either bass
or guitar. This head originally would have attached
to a keystone-shaped bottom cabinet with matching
grille cloth and a chromed trolley, much like Vox
amplifiers of the mid-to-late 60's.
Microfrets Signature Bass, circa 1970